viernes, enero 30, 2004

"London, UK ? 30 January, 2004 ? Macrospace, the pioneers of connected mobile gaming, today announced details of its latest and most innovative mobile game to date. ?Fatal Force: Earth Assault?? will introduce a number of connected features never before seen in a mobile game when it launches at the end of February 2004.

?Fatal Force: Earth Assault? is the first ever Java mobile game to use Bluetooth? connectivity, allowing gamers to play against each other deathmatch-style. And for the very first time on a conventional mobile phone, gamers can play in co-operative mode with friends who own a compatible java-equipped Bluetooth handset. Players will be able to unlock the various Bluetooth gameplay modes in addition to having a fully-featured singleplayer mode. "

miércoles, enero 28, 2004

GapiDraw 3.0 Multi-Platform - now also for Symbian devices!
"The Viktoria Institute is excited to announce the release of GapiDraw 3.0 Multi-Platform! GapiDraw is the fastest, most advanced, and easiest to use graphics library for Stationary PCs, Smartphones and Handheld Computers! This new version is even faster than the already optimized 2.0 and it works on a totally new platform, namely Symbian, too!"
Ashen (N-Gage) Preview at
"THQ's release of Red Faction on the N-Gage proved that the first-person shooter genre has great potential on the game deck. It showcased some stunning graphics, kept a respectable framerate, and put players smack in the middle of frantic action. There isn't much more you can ask for in an FPS -- especially a handheld one. "
Alphamosaic processors appearing in Samsung handsets
"A collaboration between Alphamosaic, a supplier of multimedia processor ICs, and Samsung Electronics has produced a new generation of mobile phones. The first in the series is the SCH-V420 model. This CDMA2000 1x EV-DO phone features an integrated MegaPixel camera, high quality camcorder functionality offering up to 2 hours of video recording amongst its many features."

viernes, enero 23, 2004

Cash-U Extends Mobile Portfolio
"Representatives from Cash-U Mobile Technologies have announced that the company has added fourteen new tournament-enabled games to its Pecan content portfolio.

All these games contain high score posting functionality and allow operators to set-up leagues and tournaments. The games come from developers including Ananas, GameBit, CellFun, Microjocs and Large Animal. "

jueves, enero 22, 2004

Interactive 3D Technology Optimized For Mobile Platforms
"Europe : Superscape announced that it is working with Intel Corporation to optimise Superscape?s Swerve Mobile 3D Graphics API compliant interactive 3D technology for mobile devices for wireless handsets and PDAs incorporating Intel? Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel? PCA) processors with Intel XScale? and Intel? Wireless MMX? technologies.
Inset shows Swerve 3D game basketball screen."

martes, enero 20, 2004

Nokia supporting Argentinean GSM expansion
"Nokia says that it has supplied its GSM/GPRS/EDGE network and MMS solution to Argentina's CTi M?vil. By delivering the initial phase of the network in record time Nokia made it possible for CTi M?vil to begin GSM services in Argentina on December 5th, 2003 with successful commercial launches in Buenos Aires and the Atlantic Coast."
Nokia introduces the first EDGE-capable smartphone for the Americas market
"Nokia 6620 imaging phone combines the productivity of a business tool with the fun of a multimedia device.

Surrounded by the bright lights and fast pace of Times Square in New York, Nokia (NYSE: NOK) today unveiled the new Nokia 6620 imaging phone, the first smartphone for the Americas market optimized for use on new high-speed EDGE networks. "

viernes, enero 16, 2004

Mascot Capsule Inc. Launches Mascot Capsule V4 Engine for New ATI IMAGEON
"MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., -- Mascot Capsule Inc., a division of HI Corporation of Japan, today announced that the industry-standard Mascot Capsule Micro3D Engine, currently installed in over 30 million handsets worldwide, is now optimized and available for the ATI Technologies' IMAGEON(TM) 2300 co-processor for ultra-high performance mobile 3D applications. Now supporting both the OpenGL? ES and the J2ME? Mobile 3D Graphics standards (JSR-184), Mascot Capsule is the most widely adopted graphics platform for mobile applications and content. Combined with the high-performance rendering hardware in the IMAGEON 2300, the Mascot Capsule V4 release packs game-console performance into the palm of your hand."
Nokia and G-mode to work together on Java games for GSM markets in Asia Pacific
"Nokia and G-mode are working together to introduce exciting JavaTM games for the GSM markets in Asia Pacific. For a start, gamers can look forward to a suite of 8 games that will be launched during the first quarter of 2004 across key markets in the region. Titles include, Sub vs Destroyer, Klondike, G-mode Billiards, Banana Monkey, Angel's Solitaire-Spider, G-mode Golf, Sheep Stinger and G-mode Rally. "

lunes, enero 12, 2004

EA brings The Sims to N-Gage
"Nokia's game deck plays host to one of the world's biggest games. Publisher Electronic Arts is to continue its support for the Nokia N-Gage platform, with the company announcing that a version of The Sims Bustin' Out for the game deck will be released in the first half of this year."

sábado, enero 10, 2004

ATI and Climax Develop Imageon 3D Mobile Gaming Graphic Technology
"Climax Portables, an integral studio of the pioneering Climax Group, today confirmed the forging of a new relationship with industry giant ATI. And, thanks to the chip manufacturer's awesome Imageon 3D accelerator and Climax's exceptional programming skills, the two companies have broken new ground in mobile gaming.
Designed for embedded devices, such as PDAs and mobile phones, the Imageon 3D accelerator is capable of delivering fantastic, high quality visuals to mobile games platforms. ATI brought in Climax Portables to develop launch content. "

viernes, enero 09, 2004

New European multiplayer gaming platform
"Emexus, a European player in mobile business services, and Ex Machina, a developer of multiplayer games for web and mobile devices, introduce a new European multiplayer gaming platform. Emexus delivers the platform for distribution and billing for mobile games. The complete multiplayer environment is hosted based on a ASP model. Ex Machina takes care of the actual gaming technology. Together, both companies offer a balanced business model, with billing per game, played session or minute. "
A taste of tomorrow
"The next generation of mobile phone games will take advantage of bigger screens, smarter processors and improved Java functionality to expand the possibilities of the medium. We can therefore look forward to greater tactical depth: Jamdat has the impossibly cute Lemonade Tycoon out on Java phones shortly - it's a management sim where you guide a fizzy drink business from front-yard stall to global operation. "
PC, console titles now designed for mobile play
"Video-game fans who believe the best titles are played on a television or PC may be missing out because some of the most enjoyable titles are on portable devices, such as Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, the Nokia N-Gage cell phone and Palm or Windows Mobile-based PDAs (personal digital assistants). "

jueves, enero 08, 2004

CES 2004: Game Boy Advancing
"While the bulk of the CES Digital Games Summit focused on extended repetition of the surprisingly obvious, one panel discussion yielded some interesting insights into the future of handheld gaming. Representatives from Nokia, Sony, Intel, and Tapwave (the makers of the newly-released Zodiac device) offered their opinions on key issues facing the handheld market at a time when it's poised to suddenly welcome several new competitors. CES alone has at least three new handheld gaming devices on display, and Sony's PSP is waiting in the wings for E3. "

sábado, enero 03, 2004

mophun gaming engine is available also for Microsoft Smartphone
"Users of Microsoft Smartphone have ability to use several platforms for running games: not only Java (in form of an add-on program) but also native games and last, not least: .NET (not available for Symbian).

mophun is a premium gaming system today available on Sony Ericsson T226, T230, T300, T310, T610, Z600, P800, N-Gage, Symbian 7650, 3650, Motorola A920, MS Smartphone/WinCE PC handsets"